Blur the line between art and game

“Can art be a game...and can a game be art? I’m not a philosopher and will happily rest upon the wooden fence that separates these two picturesque fields. Although in these meadows from time to time, you may find me running or playing hide and seek...

I’m simply thankful that through creating Osiron, I can momentarily have both art and game. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do creating it.”

David Huffman

About the artist

David Huffman is of American and Filipino descent, his parents having met during the early years of the Vietnam War while his father served in the United States Navy. He was born and raised in the college town of Morgantown, West Virginia, and has experimented with art all his life.

He had a tourist’s art education from West Virginia University and Monterey Peninsula College in California. The next few years he ventured in Texas and Germany before returning to his roots in WV.

For the past decade he’s found success as a graphic designer, working with health professionals and experts developing award winning health promotion products and materials. Click here to visit The Balance Plate website, a weight management lifestyle tool. He is the designer and one of the original founders.

Outside of work and art, David has been an endurance junkie. He has completed numerous ultrarunning events up to and including the distance of 100 miles in 24 hours. He has also had fun doing a few adventure races, mountain biking events, and triathlons. He has a goal one day to qualify for the Hawaii Ironman when he’s in his 60’s or 70’s because...“there’ll be much less competition then.”

He currently resides in WV with his beautiful wife Brandy, their two dogs Vedder and Lola, and two cats Trinity and Chaplin. They are recently new parents of son Nova and daughter Ione and couldn't be prouder.

About the art

David’s work is sculpted and thrown from low-fire earthenware clay. He does a bisque fire to cone 04 (approximately 1900+ degrees), and then hand paints each piece with various glazes. He then does a glaze fire to cone 06 (approximately 1800+ degrees) to complete the work.

Inspiration comes from The Flower of Life and Yin Yang symbols, psychedelia, music, mountains, infinity, and the cyclical nature of life. But mostly Brandy is to thank, who will often lovingly sit down and join him in glazing the numerous game pieces, and offer a wife’s impeccable advice.

His highest goal is always to merge a beautiful piece of art with his original game design Osiron.

About the game Osiron

For the past few years, David has played around with the idea of creating an abstract strategy game. A purist's definition of an abstract strategy game requires that it cannot have random elements or hidden information. Play is said to resemble a series of puzzles the players pose to each other. Chess and checkers are perfect examples of abstract strategy games. Osiron is in this family.

While looking at images of The Flower of Life and Yin Yang symbol, David visualized the beginnings of Osiron. Within a week he had laid out the rules and was playing a prototype version with his wife.

He passed along his game design idea to Kate Jones, founder of, and received a wealth of information and inspiration from her ambitious life’s work. He is forever grateful for her. Kate is in the process of producing a lasercut acrylic prototype of Osiron, and potentially adding it to her massive online gallery of 256 games and puzzles.

Click here to go to an Emmy-winning video of Kate Jones and her enchanting work.

In Osiron, game pieces are never captured, killed, or removed from the board. Instead, players exchange pieces harmoniously on the gameboard, each trying to form a perfect, complete circle. A unique dynamic occurs during the gameboard's transformance. Pieces are said to "dance with one another", creating beautiful, intricate, and sometimes chaotic, compositions. Osiron will test one visually and mentally.

As for the name Osiron, it is born from the word Osirion (Osireion). The Osirion is known as the Temple of Osiris in Abydos. It is at this Egyptian temple that the earliest known example of the sacred Flower of Life image was discovered.

Click here to go to the game rules for Osiron.

Osiron received a Trademark in 2009.

Safety warning

The artwork should be treated with the utmost of care. Game play is suitable for ages 12 and up accompanied with adult supervision due to the nature of the artwork. Osiron contains small pieces which pose a choking hazard to younger children. The artwork may also contain sharp edges which can cause injury if not handled properly. The delicate state of the artwork poses a risk of breakage which can also lead to the above scenarios.

The glaze in the artwork may contain lead and other toxic materials. They are completely safe to handle, but should not be used for food purposes.

Just remember that you are handling a precious piece of art and it should be treated that way, for your’s and the artwork’s safety! 
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