The challenge of Osiron's circles

Advanced game rules and set up

Players set up their playing pieces according to any diagram agreed upon. Game objectives are per the diagram selected, but playing piece movement has an added level of difficulty.

1) Playing piece movement will vary depending upon what round it is. Each round consists of one turn per player.

2) At the start of the game, it is round one. During all odd numbered rounds, playing piece movement rules are as previously defined. The first player takes a turn, and then their opponent takes theirs. This is the end of round one.

3) Round two now begins and playing piece movement rules change. During all even numbered rounds, the player’s playing piece must directly point to the opponent’s playing piece they wish to exchange with.

4) All other movement rules remain the same. Game play continues per the above until the object of the game is achieved.

In the event of a tie

Ties are possible. In the event of a tie (whether through gameplay or agreement), shake hands, congratulate each other, and play again!

Start with an empty gameboard or create your own unique scenario

Design or randomly create the initial set up and play a game. How creative can you get? Also start with an empty gameboard. Player one places a playing piece, then player two. Alternate doing this until the gameboard is filled. Player two moves and exchanges first, since player one placed first.

Simply display Osiron

Osiron is a piece of art. There’s no need to ever put it away!
Click here for the beginner game rules

Click here for the intermediate game rules
The three gray shaded playing spaces represent the three, and only three, eligible exchange positions for the dark colored playing piece. Notice how the dark colored piece points to the eligible exchange positions.

Gameboard just
prior to a tie.

A tie completed.

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