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“The artwork has variant qualities, different than that of a painting’s for example. With a painting, the work is absolute, final, and immutable. The artist does not intend for it to ever be altered or adjusted, except for how it may be displayed. One buys a painting, carefully chooses how to display it, and admires its voice visually from a desired distance. These are all great things.

These sculptures however, quietly ask for a closer look and response. They call for the blending of the owner’s and artist’s personalities. They prompt one to physically and mentally manipulate the artwork for a richer experience. With various possibilities, how will one arrange the pieces, creating their own unique composition? Symmetrically? Asymmetrically? Arbitrarily? The individual forms a more personal relationship with the artwork and artist through this intimate interaction.

Then there is the game and play aspect of the sculptures. I remember when I was young in school during art time. But to the class, it was joyous play time. Art and play were one and the same. I think we lose this as we get older. At closer inspection, art could be a grown-up’s word for play. My artwork speaks to this.

Neither art or play is necessary for life, but I do believe both to be fundamental, freely interwoven, and essential for one to truly BE alive. The artwork’s challenging gameplay facets add to its diverse nature, and hopefully will excite and nourish one’s mind and soul. If desired, they can stimulate one mentally and visually, and fulfill needs that everyone has...that for art, and for play.”

David Huffman

Click here for 14 additional works.
Click here for 14 additional works.
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