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The challenge of Osiron's circles


Osiron is based upon the Flower of Life, an ancient geometrical figure of equally spaced, interlocked circles. The earliest example of this sacred symbol can be found at Osirion, the Temple of Osiris in Egypt, dating back thousands of years. Throughout history, philosophers, artists, and architects have studied the Flower of Life for its perfect form, proportion, and harmony. It is considered by many to be a symbol of sacred geometry, said to contain ancient, religious value depicting the fundamental forms of the universe. It is a visual expression of the connections life weaves through all of us. We hope the game Osiron will be equally meaningful through its unique, challenging, and intricate gameplay. There are two versions, Osiron's Prism and Dusk to Dawn.

How to play

Although Osiron is simple and elegant to play, it can be extremely challenging, especially on the more difficult Dusk to Dawn boards..

- Move your mouse over the game board to highlight a group of pieces
- Click and drag to rotate the pieces
- Try and match the goal boards in as few moves and time as possible

Dusk to Dawn

The object of the game is to create the ‘inverse’ in as few moves as possible. The end gameboard result should find all original dark playing pieces now occupied by light colored ones, and all original light playing pieces now occupied by dark colored ones. Dark becomes light...light becomes dark. Dawn to dusk...dusk to dawn. TheYin Yang board below can be accomplished in just ten moves. Additional board designs and the fewest number of moves to complete each one are listed further below. Some are incredibly beautiful but extremely difficult to accomplish in the fewest possible number of moves.


I envision a game app where players can challenge each other in real time in solving various boards the fastest and in the least number of moves. Possibly having tournaments, best time/least number of moves of the day, week, month, all time, etc.
Increasingly challenging boards